Ardrossan Lincoln   USA only

Sire: Avonsleigh Julius                   Dam: Kimbolton Harmony

Weight: 1547lbs.      Hip Height: 49 inches      Girth: 77.5 Inches      Scr: 43 cms

A.Lincoln has proved himself over many Stud and Commercial cows at Ardrossan. He improves length, Rib Eye Area and balance to his progeny and has a wonderful temperament. Excellent feet and legs, body carriage, fertility and early maturity are all traits he exhibits. Muscle where it pays!!

Straws $US50 each  min. 10

Certificates $US100

Ardrossan Lincoln

Ardrossan Orient   USA & EU

Sire : Glenleed William                                                    Dam: Ardrossan Geisha

Weight: 1723lbs     Hip Height: 49inches     Girth: 87 inches     Scr: 45 cms

With Broken Arrow Nero and Ardrossan Richmond (sire of A. Findon) as his Grand Sires, Orient has many times proved himself over both Stud & Commercial cattle at Ardrossan and our clients’ herds. Easy to handle, this proud bull, Orient, exhibits fertility, early maturity, great depth and muscling. His heifer progeny show great feminity, length and balance with good feet, legs and udders. His bull calves are now being sought after by Australian Studs. His steers form a large part of Ardrossan’s Boulevarde Boutique Beef brand.
Straws   USA    $US50each   min. 10
Certificates $100 each 
UK  £65  min. 5
Ardrossan Orient